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Who are you shopping for?
Myself (Of course...)
How well do you know the person you are gifting for?
Super well (I spend every day with this person!)
I know a little about what they love
I don't know them at all
How would you describe their style?
They like to make a statement
They are a minimalist
They are trendy and love the latest "it pieces"
They are boho (think tie-dyes & funky patterns)
They're unpredictable
What are they most likely to be doing on a Saturday afternoon?
Out for an afternoon jog
At a coffee shop reading and enjoying a cappuccino
Being cozy at home
Getting ready for dinner and a night out
Which would be their favorite Philly restaurant?
El Vez - Mexican
Parc - French Bistro
Vetri - Italian
Double Knot - Sushi/Asian Fusion
Whatever is the latest and greatest
What's their hobby (or interest)?
Diehard fashionista
Something active
Painting, drawing, or really anything creative
Being the life of the party!
Self-care queen
What is their dream vacation destination?
Milan, Italy
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tokyo, Japan
Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States
French Riviera, France
Moscow, Russia
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