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QUIZ: What Country Bear Are You?

Where do you sit when watching the Country Bear Jamboree?
Front and center, baby
In the middle, I like to have a good view of the whole show
In the back, I'm recording the whole show for my Instagram feed
I don't sit anywhere because I skip right past that dumb bear show
What's your go-to food?
Choose a word to describe yourself:
All the boys who turn you on turn you
Into their partner
I’ll be single forever
If you were in a band, would you do the singing?
No, I play the instruments
I’ll sing most of it, but I need some backup from my fellow bears
Not too much, but some
Absolutely, I’m the frontrunner
Who is your favorite Country Bear character?
Big Al
Teddy Barra
Liver Lips
What style best suits you?
Cool, like jeans and a jacket
Natural, like sweatshirts and short-sleeves
Casual, like shirts and sunglasses
Fancy, like vests and a top hat
Are you very shy or outgoing?
I'm both
I'm shy
I'm outgoing and wild!
I'm outgoing only when I get emotional
What instrument would you play in the Country Bear Jamboree?
What is your biggest flaw?
I shouldn't be such a baby
I need to be more trustworthy
I have no flaws!
I need to concentrate more
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