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Celebrity Scandals

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. On what movie set did Pitt engage in his affair that resulted in marriage?
By the Sea
Legends of the Fall
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
A Mighty Heart
Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation, charges that were initially backed up by which sibling?
Jermaine Jackson
Tito Jackson
LaToya Jackson
Janet Jackson
Pee-wee Herman, nee Paul Reubens, was famous for a television show and movies appealing to children until his arrest in the 1990s. Where was he caught masturbating?
Outside a friend's home
Pee-wee's Playhouse
In a porn theater
In a movie theater showing a Disney film
Film director Roman Polanski was arrested and convicted of raping a French model during a photo shoot at his home. To which country did he flee to avoid prison?
Heidi Fleiss was dubbed the Hollywood Madam for providing escort services to many men in Hollywood. Which name was not in her famous black book?
Charlie Sheen
Johnny Depp
Billy Idol
Martin Sheen
Director Woody Allen was accused by longtime girlfriend of an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi. What is the status of Allen with the young girl now?
He left Soon-Yi to try to win back Mia Farrow
They married and divorced
He eventually had an affair with Soon-Yi's younger sister
They married and had children
Arnold Schwarzenegger famously cheated on his wife, Maria Shriver, in an affair that resulted in a child. What was the occupation of the other woman?
His hairstylist
Their nanny
Their housekeeper
His lawyer
Singer Sinead O'Connor had a promising music career before she appeared on Saturday Night Live and ripped up a picture of whom?
The Pope
The President of the United States
The cast of Saturday Night Live
Tom Cruise was one of the world's most famous celebrities when he went on Oprah and talked about his relationship with Katie Holmes. What did he do during that interview that he never lived down?
He kissed Oprah on the lips
He told Holmes he loved her for the first time
He jumped on the couch with excitement
He asked Holmes to marry him
Martha Stewart is known for her home products and tips, but she took a break from her career as a home guru to spend time in prison. For what was she convicted?
Assaulting a police officer
Stealing a copyright
Buying weed from an uncover agent
Insider trading
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