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UX Trivia Quiz #16 by Tom Tullis: 1970's UX!

This man put the "@" sign in email addresses when he sent the first network email message in 1971. Who was he?
Ray Tomlinson
Tim Berners-Lee
Alan Kay
Vint Cerf
This may look like something from The Jetsons but it was actually the first arcade video game, introduced in 1971. What was its name?
Computer Space
Space Invaders
Steve Sasson invented and built the first self-contained digital camera in 1975. (It weighed 8 lbs!) What company was he working for?
Eastman Kodak
Bell Labs
In 1975, she was the first woman to earn a PhD in Computer Science from MIT. She was one of the founders of the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and was director of collaborative user experience at the IBM Watson Research Center. Who is she?
Irene Greif
Patricia Selinger
Carol Shaw
Adele Goldberg
The first digital electronic watch, the Pulsar, was introduced in 1972 by Hamilton Watch Company. It used LEDs for the display. How much did it cost?
This was the first computer built from the ground up to have a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It was introduced in 1973 and only about 2,000 were made. What was its name?
Xerox Alto
Apple Lisa
Xerox Star
Apple Newton
This personal computer was introduced by Radio Shack in 1977. What was its name?
Published in 1973, this was the first book devoted to how people (or at least men!) interact with computer systems.  Who wrote it?
James Martin
Ben Shneiderman
Stuart Card
Alphonse Chapanis
Introduced by Polaroid in 1972, this camera revolutionized instant photography (and is still sought after today). What is its name?
The concept of personal portable music didn't really exist until Sony introduced this portable cassette player in 1979. What was its name?
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