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What kind of student are you?
By "Mazin A.zamil"

Listen to the radio interview and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills:
Complete the sentences with the correct words.
1. The quiz is designed to find out what kind of....... you are.
2. The teacher tells the students to pay ........ to what she is saying.
3. One question asks about students’ average........ in tests.
4. Another question asks about students’ relationship with the...... at the school.
5. For some people, what they do after school ........ on their exam results.
6. Students with mostly A answers have a good ....... towards studying.
7. Students with mostly B answers can improve and ...... excellent students.
8. If ‘C’ students don’t change, they might leave school without any ......
Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
1. At the beginning the teacher asks the students to think carefully about …
the questions.
their answers.
where they sit.
2. The answers the students choose will be seen by ...
the other students.
the teacher.
3. The first question is about the time ...
students arrive at school.
students spend at school.
students leave.
4. The teacher asks about …
where students do their homework.
how much time students spend doing their homework.
when the students do their homework.
5. In question three, students who normally get half marks or less in tests should answer ...
6. Question four is about the students’ relationship with …
people in their lives outside school.
people working at the school.
people studying at the school.
7. The teacher thinks some students prefer to sit in the middle of the class so that ...
they can hear the teacher without being right at the front.
they can have pleasant thoughts without following the lesson.
no one will notice them using their phones.
8. Question six is about students' ...
exam results.
future career.
plans for the future.
9. Students with mostly As have a good …
attitude towards studying.
idea about what they want to do in the future.
network of support at school.
10. Students with mostly Bs need to …
become excellent students.
increase the time they spend studying.
change some of their habits.
11. Students with mostly Cs are probably ...
wasting a lot of their time.
unable to do any better.
going to be unemployed in the future.
12. Students with mostly Cs should ...
join the homework club.
try to change as soon as possible.
leave school at the first opportunity.
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