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TV Dads

What was the name of the fictional New Jersey based mob boss and father of Meadow and A.J. played by the late James Gandolfini?
Tony Soprano
Michael Corleone
Frank Lopez
Christopher Moltisanti
What was the name of the baby-delivering dad on "The Cosby Show"?
Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable
Dr. Dolittle
Dr. Hawkeye Pierce
Dr. Doogie Howser
What was the name of the TV Dad who served as patriarch of the Walton family while running his own Sawmill?
John Walton
Oliver Walton
Sam Walmart
Ralph Walton
What was the name of the papa of the main family of characters on "Happy Days"?
Howard Cunningham
Ray Barone
Tony Soprano
Andy Griffith
Who was the father on Little House on the Prairie, portrayed by Michael Landon?
Charles Ingalls
Jim Walsh
Walter White
Frank Constanza
Which character was the patriarch of the family on the television show "All in the Family"?
Archie Bunker
Keith Mars
James Evans
Mitch Leary
Name the 90s TV dad who played father to Carlton and Uncle to Will on the show "Fresh Prince of Belair."
Philip Banks
Philip Findlay
Michael Kyle
George Lopez
Which TV dad laid down the law on "The Beverly Hillbillies"?
Jed “JD” Clampett
Billie Bob Stevens
Jesse Duke
Zebulon Walton
Ed O'Neil portrayed this beer-loving, indebted, working-class father of two and husband of Peggy in this popular series, Married With Children?
Al Bundy
Mike Brady
Dan Conner
Danny Tanner
This totally committed single dad raised his son Opie with Aunt Bea in Mayberry, North Carolina? This dad give Ron Howard two TV Dads on our list.
Andy Taylor
Ray Barone
Howard Cunningham
Homer Simpson
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