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The Aspie Type Quiz | by Aspieology®
 © 2019 All Rights Reserved
Answer 12 questions to discover your Aspergers type.

I feel most in my 'comfort zone' when I am:
Spending a quiet night alone
Hanging out with family or a friend
Out with a group of people
I'd like to meet someone special or go on more dates:
When it comes to meeting new people:
I feel really nervous
It depends on the situation
I often enjoy the experience
Visiting a busy coffee shop would typically make me feel:
Anxious but curious
Excited to be there
The guitarist, from my favorite band, sits next to me on an airplane, I'd likely:
Not say anything to her
Sit quietly, hoping she talks to me
Start a conversation with her
I notice a man near me with a large bee on his back, so I:
Think about how to avoid the bee
Say something if no one else does
Tell him so he doesn't get stung
When I wake up, I'm most likely to:
Stick to the same routine
See where the day takes me
Try something out of the ordinary
On most days, I prefer to stick with the same routine:
On my weekends, I typically:
Do the same stuff
Cautiously try new stuff
Enjoy trying new stuff
A positive change often makes me feel:
Anxious yet excited
For me, significant change is most often:
Extreamly difficult
Exciting yet stressful
An opportunity
For me, international travel, or taking a long road trip, is:
A bad idea
Fun yet stressful
An adventure
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