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How many units does your company manage?
Under 500
500 - 999
1,000 - 2,499
2,500 - 10,000
More than 10,000
How many sexual harassment claims did your organization have in the past year?
1 - 5
5 - 10
More than 10
I don't know
How much money did your organization spend on sexual harassment claims in the past year?
Under $5,000
$5,000 - $10,000
Over $10,000
I don't know
Does your organization encourage employees to report sexual harassment?
Does your organization have a written sexual harassment policy
Does your organization's policy offer multiple channels for reporting sexual harassment?
We don't have a policy
Does your sexual harassment policy specifically prohibit retaliation?
We don't have a policy
Who in your organization receives training on sexual harassment?
All employees
Supervisors only
Maintenance people only
Supervisors and Maintenance People
No one
How frequently are supervisors trained on sexual harassment
More than yearly
Every two years
Once after obtaining the role
Not at all
Does your training address gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation?
{"name":"How strong is your training program? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Does your company use a learning management system (LMS)?, Does your training program incorporate custom training specific to your company?, Do you collect company-wide employee performance statistics?","img":""}