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AED stands for:
Automated External Defibrillator
Automatic External Defibrillation
Automated Environmental Decision
Another Exciting Death
You are with a group of people and a co-worker collapses. It appears they are unresponsive and not breathing. What are the correct steps? (in order)
Start CPR, Call 911, Get an AED
Call 911, Start CPR, Get an AED all by yourself
Call 911, Start CPR, Get an AED and delegate tasks
Check for DNR orders, Get an AED, and deny CPR
You are using an AED on a 65 year old male that has a very hairy chest. You should
Use the AED as normal
Use the hair removal pads and/or razor to remove hair
Completely shave the patients body. He will be thankful later
Hope the electrode pad will stick
You have requested an AED for a patient. What location should the base unit be placed?
Left Hip
Right Hip
near the head of the patient opposite the CPR provider
You are using an AED on an 6 year old drowning patient. What is the location of the pad placement?
Front and Back
Side to Side
You don't use AED's on drowning patients
None of the above
You are using an AED machine that you have never seen. Whats the best for your successful outcome
Don't use it if you are not comfortable
Listen to the machine and follow directions
Ask for someone else to use it
Stop CPR and read the manual
You have started CPR and getting ready to use an AED on an adult patient. When you bare the chest you note that the patient has piercings. You should:
Carefully remove the piercings that are within one inch of AED pad placement
Place the AED pads directly over the metal piercings
Not use the AED
None of the above
You are about to shock a patient using an AED. What should you say before pushing the shock button
Pitter Patter, Lets Get At Err
Nailed it
Don't go to the light
What is the name of the rhythm that allows an AED to shock
Ventricular Tachycardia
Ventricular Fibrilation
You have just witnessed a drowning and an AED has been brought to assist with the patient. The following should be done:
Dry off the patient best you can
Assure that you are not in a puddle of water with the patient
Listen to the machine
All are correct answers
Where is the best location to place an AED
Near the CEO
Easiest access for anyone to locate
Hidden behind a counter
Near the oldest person in the company
True or False: AED's are relatively easy to use
True or False: Using an AED along with CPR increases the chance of survival for a patient
Which one of the following patients should have an AED applied?
a 52-year-old patient who is complaining of 10 out of 10 chest pain
a 22-year-old patient who just got into a fender bender
a 7-year-old who is currently choking on a grape
a 40-year-old patient who is pulseless and not breathing, CPR has already been started
How many times should you say "clear" before delivering a shock?
NONE! Send it!
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