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Take this quick quiz to see what your tendencies are!

Would you rather:
Start something
Sell something
Join something
Perfect something
Do you see life as:
Projects to tackle
Parties to throw
People to listen to
Challenges to solve
Do you prefer:
Being in charge
Being a part of a large team
Being a part of a productive team
Being independent
When frustrated, do you:
Move on to something else
Talk it out with anyone who will listen
Wish it would all just work out / wish we could all just get a long
Figure it out and fix it
Fun involves:
Meaningful conversation
A mental challenge
On vacation, do you:
Try to relax
Enjoy meeting new people
Enjoy doing nothing
Have every detail planned
{"name":"Take this quick quiz to see what your tendencies are! - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Would you rather:, Do you see life as:, Do you prefer:","img":""}