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What Kind of Seeker are You?

What's your camping style of choice?
Caravan parks and camp sites all the way
National parks and off grid
I enjoy a bit of both
Who will you be travelling with?
The whole fam will be hitting the road
My partner/My partner in crime
I prefer my own company
Do you like heading off the beaten track?
I prefer to stay where I can find phone reception
Heck yeah
Are you a city road tripper or an outback adventurer?
Give me the city lights
I’ll be heading for the red dirt of the outback
I'll be travelling all over
What kind of tow vehicle will you be using?
A family SUV
A large 4WD
A smaller vehicle with a tow capacity under 3.5 tonnes
{"name":"What Kind of Seeker are You?", "url":"","txt":"What's your camping style of choice?, Who will you be travelling with?, Do you like heading off the beaten track?","img":""}
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