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UX Trivia Quiz #8 by Tom Tullis

This man is widely recognized as the first to use the term "user experience" in the sense that we use it today (actually in his new job title, "User Experience Architect"). Who is he?

Don Norman
Jakob Nielsen
Ben Shneiderman
Alan Cooper
This person was the primary author of the first book on web usability, Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide, first published in 1997. Who is he?
Jared Spool
Jakob Nielsen
Steve Krug
Tom Moran
This person is sometimes called the "Mother of Verdana" for her work while in the Typography group at Microsoft. (Part of the name of the font comes from the name of her eldest daughter, Ana.) Who is she?
Virginia Howlett
Carol Twombly
Zuzana Licko
Susan Kare
Assume you're conducting a usability study to get a good idea of how long it will take users to complete a critical task using a new design. If you increase the number of participants in the study, what would be most likely to happen to the confidence interval for the mean time?
It would get smaller
It would get larger
It would not change
Impossible to tell
Which of these is NOT one of Jakob Nielsen's Ten Heuristics for User Interface Design?
Quick page loading
Visibility of system status
Error prevention
Recognition rather than recall
The Net Promoter Score is calculated based on the responses to just one question. What is that question?
How likely is it that you would recommend our <company/product/service> to a friend or colleague?
How easy to use is the web site for our <company/product/service>?
How likely are you to continue using our <company/product/service>?
How would you rate your overall reaction to our <company/product/service>?
What's wrong with this graph?
Bad Graph
It should be a bar or column graph instead of a line graph
It shouldn't have error bars
It should be a pie chart instead of a line graph
There's nothing wrong with it
Which type of exercise is most useful for learning about the categories users would create in organizing a set of items?
Open card sort
Closed card sort
Tree test
MDS test
What does CSS stand for?
Cascading Style Sheets
Continuous Screen System
Critical Statistics Scale
Counting Sheep Slumber
What's it called in a usability study where a participant gives the responses that they think will be viewed favorably?
Social desirability bias
Hawthorne effect
Stroop effect
Demand characteristics bias
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