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The Sopranos

Which HBO series about a mobster who starts therapy took home twenty-one Emmy Awards during its six season run, which started in 1999?
The Sopranos
Six Feet Under
Analyze This
Which actor won three Emmy Awards for his role as Tony Soprano, the crime boss who says “Family: they're the only ones you can depend on”?
James Gandolfini
Ray Liotta
Steven Van Zandt
Silvio Dante
Although she eventually played therapist Jennifer Melfi, which Sopranos star was originally supposed to play Tony Soprano’s wife, Carmela Soprano?
Lorraine Bracco
Edie Falco
Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Michelle Pfeiffer
What problem sent Tony Soprano into therapy during the first season of The Sopranos?
Panic attacks
Marriage problems
After her role as Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos, which actress went on to star in Nurse Jackie, where she earned six Emmy nominations—the same number she got for The Sopranos?
Edie Falco
Lorraine Bracco
Sharon Stone
Eve Best
Which darkly funny mob boss was played by Tony Sirico, who was arrested 28 times and spent two stretches in prison before making it big on The Sopranos?
Paulie Walnuts
Christopher Moltisanti
A.J. Soprano
Silvio Dante
HBO executives were worried that viewers would think their new show was about opera singers—so what change did they make to clarify The Sopranos was about the mafia?
Changed the R to a gun
Called it The Pranos
Included a knife in the logo
Added a gunshot to the opening credits
Millions of Americans thought their cable or DVRs had malfunctioned when what happened at the end of the Sopranos series finale in 2007?
Cut to back
Tony chokes to death
Armed mobsters crash down the front door
The show ended early to begin showing Heidi
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