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Which Biotech career is right for you?

When growing up, which of these activities would have been your preference?
Building with Legos
Playing a pick-up game of kickball with neighborhood kids
Making up a game to play with my toys (dolls/figures/etc)
Which of these sound like an ideal workday to you?
Interacting with people and making things happen
Typing away on my computer
Being physical/Using my hands
Being able to get my work done without interruptions
Excited to show up each day unsure what the day will look like
When learning about something new:
You find all the existing information, but also dig deeper on your own
You prefer to jump in and learn by doing
You’re happy with a summary/synopsis
Which of these would be the ideal way to spend your weekend?
Building something
Going to a museum
Not having any plans and seeing where the weekend takes me
Hosting or coordinating an outing or activity
Which of these best describes you?
When you’re playing a new board game with friends, which best describes you:
I need to read all of the rules first to fully understand the game and map out my approach.
Give me an overview and let me learn by playing a few rounds.
It’s important to me to make sure we are all playing the game exactly by the rules.
Watch out, I’m here to win.
I love playing new games. It’s all about the fun.
Which best describes you?
Some people may say I’m a bit OCD
Rules are meant to be bent as long as you don’t break them
I love to solve complex problems and puzzles
People would say that I host some awesome parties and get-togethers
If all else was equal, what is most important to you in your work?
I believe in the mission and what I’m contributing to
I can control my own destiny and advance quickly
I have flexibility in my work as long as I get the job done
I’m clear on what I need to do each day to be successful
Which quote most resonates with you?
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good, to go for the great.” - J.D. Rockafeller
“The 3 S’s of Winning are Speed, Simplicity and Self Confidence” - Jack Welch
“The important thing is to not stop questioning” - Albert Einstein
“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” - Steve Jobs
“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - Aristotle
What best describes you?
I thrive in structured environments
I want to create my own path
Tell me the job and I’ll figure it out on my own
I’m happy when I’m out meeting new people
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