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Coaching Interest Survey

What type of coaching are you interested in?
Peer to peer
Coaching skills training for managers/supervisors
If you were to purchase coaching services, who would be paying for it?
I would be paying for services myself
My employer would be paying for the services.
The team for which I am seeking coaching:
Is currently experiencing difficulty as a team
Would benefit from a development opportunity not related to existing problems
Please describe
We are interested in peer to peer coaching because
Individual coaching is cost prohibitive
My organization is interested in building a culture of coaching
My organization wants to make coaching available to all employees
I am seeking coaching skills training for managers/supervisors because
It is required for managers
It is not required, but highly encouraged for managers
I am interested in becoming an ICF-credentialed coach AND
My organization is looking for an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
Please describe what coaching service you are interested in:
I have previously worked with a professional coach
What kind of coach have you worked with before? (please select all that apply)
Leadership coach
Executive coach
Life coach
Retirement coach
Career Coach
Please Specify:
Please describe what kind of coach you have worked with:
{"name":"Coaching Interest SurveyWe would like to gauge your interest in varying coaching practices. - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"What type of coaching are you interested in?, If you were to purchase coaching services, who would be paying for it?, How much would you be willing to pay per hour for coaching services?","img":""}