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More Celebrity Real Names

Charlie Sheen is the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen but what is his real name?
Carlos Irwin Estévez
Charlie Hunnam
Carlos Santana
Martin Irwin
Jamie Foxx change to the gender-ambiguous name Jamie when he was a stand-up comic. What is his real name?
Eric Marlon Bishop
Stanley E Fox
Sanford Foxworthy
Eric james
This famous talk show host's real name is Lawrence Harvey Zeigler. What is his stage name?
Larry King
Craig Fergusan
David Letterman
Howard Stern
The Birdman actor could have shared a name with another famous actor — he was born Michael Douglas. Who is he?
Michael Keaton
George Clooney
Bill Murray
Bruce Willis
The Fast and the Furious star Vin Deisel’s real name is actually quite lovely. What is it?
Mark Sinclair Vincent
Vincent Von Diesel
Dominic Diesel
Vincent Van Gogh
Stevland Hardaway Morris is a musician and songwriter and one of the most successful musicians of the 20th century? What is his stage name?
Stevie Wonder
Garth Brooks
Frank Sinatra
Bruce Springsteen
Chaim Witz is one of the founding members of the rock band KISS. What is his stage name?
Gene Simmons
Peter Criss
Ace Frehley
Paul Stanley
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