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100-Year History Quiz

In what year was MSCHE founded?
How many colleges and universities were on the first approved list in 1921?
When the Middle States Association formed MSCHE, what was the original name?
Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
Association of Middle States Colleges and Universities
Commission of Colleges and Universities
In 1978, the _________ was first published.
Characteristics of Excellence
Student Learning Assessment: Options and Resources
Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
Handbook for Institutional Self-Study
In its history, MSCHE has called three different cities home. Which ones were they?
New York (NY), Newark (NJ), Philadelphia
Rochester (NY), Newark (NJ), Philadelphia
New York (NY), Washington (DC), Philadelphia
Dover (DE), Albany (NY), Philadelphia
On what campus did the Commission first meet to approve institutions for the 1921-22 academic year?
Manhattan College
Drexel University
University of Pennsylvania
Columbia University
The Commission approved its first list of institutions at its ________ meeting in November.
In 1962, the Commission conducted ____ follow-up activities.
This was the first Historically Black College & University (HBCU) to receive Commission approval in 1921:
Cheyney University
Howard University
Delaware State University
Lincoln University
This institution is best known for medical programs and was considered the first research university in the United States:
Temple University
Princeton University
John Hopkins University
Georgetown University
Founded in 1996, which function does the Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions (C-RAC) not perform?
Exchange ideas and information
Create joint policies
Accredit institutions around the world
Work with Congress, higher education, other organizations, and the public
What are the elements of the current accreditation cycle adopted in 2014?
Self-Study; Annual Institutional Update; Periodic Review Report
Self-Study; Annual Institutional Update; Mid-Point Peer Review
Follow-Up Report; Annual Institutional Update; Periodic Review Report
Self-Study; Periodic Review Report; Mid-Point Peer Review
The Commission accredits institutions globally. In which country does it not have an institution?
United Arab Emirates
New standards were adopted in 2014. What are they called?
Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education
Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation
Annual Institutional Standards and Affiliations
Criteria for Accreditation
In 1937, the Commission accredited its first teacher education institution. What was its name at the time?
Pennsylvania State College
Augustinian College of Villanova
Montclair State Teachers College of New Jersey
Hobart College and William Smith College
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