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The Constitution

What was the original name of the Constitution of United States of America?
The Articles of Confederation
The People's Rights
The Restitution
The State's Rights
In which city did the Constitutional Convention meet in 1787?
Washington DC
According to the Constitution, what is the maximum amount of years a person is allowed to serve as President?
What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
Bill of Rights
Top Ten
The High Laws
The Main Amendments
Which amendment gives the people of the united states freedom of religion, freedom of press, and freedom of peaceful assembly?
The First Amendment
The 18th Amendment
The Second Amendment
The 12th Amendment
What right does the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution grant?
Right to bear arms
Right to buy land
Right to pay taxes
Right to a jury of 12
Who was the first person to sign the Constitution?
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Ben Franklin
John Hancock
What is someone doing when they "plead the fifth", referring to the 5th Amendment?
Decline to give self-incriminating evidence
Decline to testify
Decline jury duty
Decline arrest
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