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What Harry Potter house are you in?

What would you do if you knew your friend cheated on a test in class?
Pretend you didn't see it happen and eventually forget about it.
Wait until after class to send an anonymous email to the teacher signed by "Anonymous" detailing the event and the people involved.
Tell your friend not to do that again and that it could get them in big trouble.
Ask them to get you the answers too.
Your mom finds out about your bad grades and start yelling at you. How do you respond?
Stare back at her the whole time with a blank look on your face.
Argue that the education system is corrupt and your lack of an attention span has nothing to do with your failing grades but has everything to do with how you were raised to memorize facts for short bursts of time.
Call her out for having the same if not worse grades when she was in school.
Choose a PBS Kids show from the early 2000's.
Curious George
Martha Speaks
Blues Clues
You encounter a group of young middle school boys (who you don't know) verbally bullying a furry on an abandoned street. How do you respond?
Join in.
Step in and defend the furry for expressing themselves in the only way they know how.
Attack the boys with the hidden knife in your pocket.
Turn the other way and pretend you didn't see anything.
You're vegan. You go out with friends to a restaurant. The waiter brings out the wrong order, which usually wouldn't be a problem, but you don't eat meat. How do you respond?
Say thank you and eat the meal and don't say anything. Throw up that night and spend the next day in bed.
Tell the waiter that they got your order wrong and ask that they send your meal back to the kitchen.
Give your food to someone else at the table and order another meal.
Tell the waiter that it is fine and eat tiny bites from the food on the plate that didn't touch the meat.
How do you feel about Autumn? (The month).
I love it. The weather is PERFECT and the colors of the leaves and trees are beautiful.
I get hit by allergies every year during the fall, so I only associate those three months with sneezing and coughing and just feeling awful in general.
Autumn reminds me of going back to school. I hate school. Therefore I hate Autumn.
Autumn is OK. There's nothing special about it, even though the weather is nice. At the end of the day though, I still prefer Spring.
You get in a car with people who you don't usually hang out with. All of their phones are dead, so they give you the aux. What music do you put on?
A playlist of absolute bangers that everyone except you loves. You only have that playlist for times like these. Way to think ahead.
You just shuffle your SoundCloud library.
You beg for someone else to go on aux but when they say no, you ask them to not judge your music taste and admit that your music sucks so it won't hurt so much to hear them complain.
You claim your phone is also dead and force everyone to listen to the local radio station.
Which one is your favorite social media app, and why? Those people are hilarious and stantwt is the only thing keeping me alive at this point. Also, who needs news channels when you can just swipe left a few times?
Insta! I love posting fun pics of me and my friends, as well as going to the explore page and looking at pictures of beautiful people that make me feel insecure about myself!
TikTok. For obvious reasons.
Snapchat. I haven't opened my messages app in three years. Also, the new update sucks.
Pick one item to bring with you during the Hunger Games. Choose wisely.
What house do you THINK you are?
The one endorsed by Puff the Magic Dragon
The Berenstein Bears' house
Definitely Slytherin
I honestly don't know
{"name":"What Harry Potter house are you in?", "url":"","txt":"What would you do if you knew your friend cheated on a test in class?, Your mom finds out about your bad grades and start yelling at you. How do you respond?, Choose a PBS Kids show from the early 2000's.","img":""}
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