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New Year, New You (or not)

What kind of audiobook do you WANT to listen to right now?
I'm ready to get inspired to be my best self!
Don't even think about giving me a "self-help" book, I just want a great story
What inspires you more?
Hearing other people's stories and learning from them.
Being given practical steps for accomplishing my goals.
This year, I'd love to...
Embrace who I am.
Be More Like Michelle Obama
Reckon with my difficult past.
In 2020, I'd love to...
Be More Courageous
Be More Confident
Be More Disciplined
Noted! Would you prefer to kick off the new year with fiction or nonfiction?
I'm looking for an audiobook that...
Keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Is atmospheric, mysterious, and a little bit romantic.
Is funny and irreverent with a great love story.
Which one of these do you prefer?
True Crime
{"name":"New Year, New You (or not)", "url":"","txt":"What kind of audiobook do you WANT to listen to right now?, What inspires you more?, This year, I'd love to...","img":""}