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Fronted adverbials

Select the fronted adverbial:
We met
He said
She tried
'She went to the bus stop after school.' Is this:
a fronted adverbial
an adverbial
Tick all the fronted adverbials
Above the ground,
In the evening,
Driving home,
We'll get dinner,
Incredibly concerned,
Which of the following types of fronted adverbial is 'Courageously,'?
Adverb of degree
Adverb of
Adverb of manner
Adverb of frequency
Which sentence does NOT contain a fronted adverbial?
In the middle of Manchester, it's difficult to get a taxi.
After the show, we went out for dinner.
On Friday nights, we get a takeaway.
To be honest, it's not my favourite.
'Constantly,' is a fronted adverbial of:
Select ALL the fronted adverbials of frequency:
In the morning,
Every year,
As soon as he could,
Select ALL the fronted adverbials of manner:
Without saying a word,
On a daily basis,
Somewhere nearby,
Without a sound,
Which of the following sentences contains a fronted adverbial of DEGREE?
Regrettably, the team conceded a goal.
When the time came, the exam went smoothly.
Quite understandably, she left the firm.
Above the ground, life went on.
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