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Which Knotless Nation class is best for you?

Which of these best describes you?
An every day working woman
A seasoned stylist
A beauty school student
Considering a career change
Looking to use braids as a side hustle
I am brand new to all of this
What is your skill level with braiding?
Total beginner. I don't braid that well.
You know how to braid, but never with extensions
You how to do knotless, but not good enough to charge
You braid braid!
You want to learn knotless because...
You want to save money doing your hair
You want to start making money from braiding
Everyone asks you to braid their hair but you can't do knotless
You think it would be a good hustle.
You know you can't learn this in beauty school.
I'm not even sure why
Online braid classes...
Are fine if they are explained and self paced.
Are not my favorite. I rather learn in person.
Are great, but I rather it NOT pre recorded.
Are convenient!
Are intimidating
How would learning knotless braiding be an amazing experience for YOU?
If it was in person & interactive!
If it was detailed & online!
What type of class would best suit your needs right now?
A beginner basic class. I just want to braid my daughter/family.
A FULL experience with education and practical skills.
When do you want to start learning how to knotless braid?
One day. No rush.
{"name":"Which Knotless Nation class is best for you?", "url":"","txt":"Which of these best describes you?, What is your skill level with braiding?, You want to learn knotless because...","img":""}
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