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ChromaGlast Paint vs. Gel Coat Quiz

Gel Coat is intended to be:
An under coat for your fiberglass part
The first layer of resin applied in a mold
The last layer of resin applied in a mold
None of these
How should you thin gel coat?
Styrene Thinner
Styrene wax
Gel coat is recommended for use with:
A) Polyester parts
B) Vinyl Ester parts
C) Epoxy parts
D) Both A and B
How many colors are offered in ChromaGlast Single Stage paint?
ChromaGlast Paint can be used which of the following surfaces:
Most metal surfaces
All of the above
ChromaGlast paint is intended to be:
An exterior coating
The first layer in a mold
The last layer in a mold
None of the above
Gel coat application relies on __________ temperatures where ChromaGlast relies on ___________ temperatures.
Hot and cold
Ambient and surface
Arctic and tropic
Outside and inside
HVLP stands for:
High variance Low porosity
Hot Volume Little Pick
High Velocity Low pressure
Heavy Vane Level Paint
Gel coat usually requires a _______ nozzle than paint because it has a higher viscosity.
The same size
None of these
If you are repairing a boat below the waterline, we recommend you use:
ChromaGlast paint
A special Clear coat
Nothing, leave it exposed
Gel coat
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