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PPCM Self Test

Difficulty breathing while lying down?
Need to elevate head
Need to elevate head 45 degrees or more
Shortness of breath with exertion?
Climbing 8 or more steps
Walking on level ground
Unexplained Cough?
At Night
Day and Night
Swelling in lower extremities that doesn't go away over night?
Below knee
Above the knee
Excessive weight gain?
Under 2 lbs per week
2-4 lbs per week
Over 4 lbs per week
Sensation of irregular heart beat?
When laying down at night
Day and Night
{"name":"PPCM Self Test - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Use this self test if you are having any signs or symptoms of pregnancy induced heart failure. Don't know the symptoms? Find out more at","img":"","hash":"#AMomsHeart "}
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