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Which WFH personality are you?

What's your fave aspect of WFH?
A clean and organized inbox.
A routine to bring you work-life balance.
A zero distraction, deep-work zone.
Digital detoxing when I can, because tech drains me out!
Reminiscing about the pre-pandemic workplace fun.
Spending more time than ever with my pet(s)
Chilling in my PJs with my fave snacks as I work.
Checking off tasks on my carefully designed to-do list.
Late night work & study sessions.
At what times are you at a productive peak?
The time-slots I have allotted to checking, pruning and responding to all my team communications.
I am most productive after I have gotten a few minutes/hours to relax and get some down-time by myself.
The time I spend off social media, slack and messaging apps.
I am most productive off-screen.
Time spent communicating on video calls and team meetings is most productive for me!
I am most productive when my pet(s) are asleep.
I am at a productive peak when my atmosphere is relaxed and I am mentally and physically comfy.
I am productive when I am on track with schedules and calendars to the T.
I can only start work in the evenings and am at my best in the middle of the night.
Your WFH savior is:
My keyboard
My routine
My sound-cancelling headphones
My tech-savvy friend
My ability to connect with others
My pet's obsession with treats
My snacks
My willpower
My afternoon power-naps
Pick the WFH essential you can't live without:
My email organizers and plug-ins.
My partner's and family's help and support.
Website & app blocking softwares.
Online learning platforms and websites for tech-related queries.
Zoom happy hours and virtual team activities.
The loving company of my furry friend(s).
My lo-fi playlist.
My work calendar.
My alarm and alerts that help me avoid missing day-time work meetings and events.
Which of these WFH dilemmas is your biggest pet-peeve?
Getting my team-mates to match up with my timely email responses.
Finding some time for myself between work and family/household responsibilities.
The constant churn of the online 'attention economy' trying to shift my focus constantly.
Navigating tech related challenges as most of my work has suddenly shifted to a purely digital space that I am uncomfortable with.
Missing the company of my colleagues and social activities at the workplace.
Keeping my pet(s) engaged enough to keep them from constantly vying for my attention.
I don't have any worries, I'm easy - I just keep calm and carry on!
I don't mull over challenges much. I face whatever comes my way head-on with a calculated routine and an iron-clad work ethic.
My body clock is totally messed up, I sleep in the day, work all night and my days are melting into each other at super speed.
{"name":"Which WFH personality are you?", "url":"","txt":"What's your fave aspect of WFH?, Pick the WFH essential you can't live without:, At what times are you at a productive peak?","img":""}
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