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Is Your Brain Strong or Struggling?
Answer a few short questions and we'll discover
what your brain needs to thrive.

How do you like to get things done?
Do it yourself?
Get it done for you?
Collaborate with someone?
How do you like to learn?: (check all that apply)
By experience/hands on
Listening to Podcasts
Watching video
What is your normal way of speaking?
I talk fast
I describe every detail
I talk slow
I'm somewhere in the middle
I use very few words
How do you decide on new purchases?
Go to the store, talk to a sales person, buy it.
Do research online, read reviews, buy it.
Get a friend's opinion then go and buy it
What type of support helps you thrive?
Online community
In Person Conversation
Phone contact
How are children involved in your life? (check any that apply)
I have children
I work with children
I am not around children much
How did you find out about this quiz?
{"name":"Is Your Brain Strong or Struggling? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Answer a few short questions and we'll discover\nwhat your brain needs to thrive.","img":""}