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MEUS 2020
The MEUS Sorting Hat: What's your role?

Have you ever participated in Model European Union Strasbourg before?
Will you be between 18 and 27 years old in March 2020?
No, I'll be younger
No, I'll be older
Which do you prefer?
Being the centre of attention
Observing from the sidelines
I like both!
Where would you most like to live?
None of the above
Have you ever done any of the following? (Check all that apply.)
Taken part in a debating competition
Showcased your work on Instagram
Written an article for a newspaper or blog
Worked in marketing or advertising
Played in an orchestra or sang in a choir
Volunteered for a youth project
None of the above!
What do you value more?
Good preparation and organizational skills
The ability to adapt and improvise well
I value both options equally!
Do you study interpreting?
Is English your B language?
How do you express yourself best?
Public speaking
With visuals or imagery
Phone calls
Messaging or e-mails
When do you feel most productive?
At night
In the morning
In afternoon
It depends on the day
"Most" productive? I'm always productive!
Which is most true for you?
I'm a lone wolf - I like being on my own
I love teamwork and collaborating with others
I will partner up with others when it benefits me
I prefer to be autonomous but don't mind working with others from time to time
You've just opened a Croissanterie in Strasbourg. You're trying to advertise your business by phoning local shops to stock your croissants. Unfortunately, things aren't going well and no one has supported you so far. How do you proceed?
I'll cross my fingers and persevere. Things can only get better!
I'll visit other shops in person and convince them to stock my croissants.
I'll create and launch an advertisement campaign showing my delicious croissants to everyone in town.
I'll contact my local newspaper and provide a written account of my shameful ordeal.
I'll hand out samples of croissants to entice my neighbourhood to support my business.
I guess I'll abandon the Croissanterie altogether and start a new business instead: a Tartes Flambées Restaurant!
Imagine you find yourself at a networking party and you're trying to make some new contacts. What approach do you take to your networking?
I'll hand out business cards to each and every person in sight!
I'll concentrate on speaking with fewer people, but try to have meaningful and personal conversations
I'll ask people to take photos and selfies with me and see if they're willing to tag me on their social media accounts.
I'll try to share my professional social media accounts with as many people as I can.
Me... at a networking party?! Pfft, who do you think I am? I don't need any new contacts at all!
If you were a student (again) and had to turn in an art project next week, what would you create?
A photo collage
An oil painting
A short film
A pencil drawing
Nothing! I suck at art.
Which of the following adjective(s) describe you best?
On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your level of conversational English?
(1 being "I didn't understand a single word of this test"" and 10 being a "I'm a native!")
{"name":"The MEUS Sorting Hat: What's your role?", "url":"","txt":"Find out what conference role suits you best with this interactive person-ROLE-ity test, courtesy of the #MEUS2020 Organising Team!","img":"","accounts":"@meustrasbourg","hash":"#MEUS2020, #MEUS, #EUsimulation"}