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Quiz: Are Your Police Encounters Safe?

John is stopped by the Police but feels he is being profiled.  What should he do?

John should sign the ticket and fight his case in court
John should protest and tell the officer he wants to speak to the Officer’s Supervisor
He should tell the Officer that he will exercise his rights and not sign the ticket
None of the Above
As the Police Officer approach your car during a Traffic Stop, you should
Remove your insurance card from your wallet and wait for the officer
Remove your insurance card from your glove compartment, and wait for the officer
Keep your hands on the steering wheel, and wait for the officer
Please Specify:
During night traffic stops, you should...
Turn on your flashers, safely pull over, turn on your cab lights
Pull over and locate your auto insurance and vehicle registration documents
Pull over and wait for the officer to approach and give you instructions
None of the Above
Police Officer cannot legally lie to you while conducting an investigation
After a night of drinking with friends, your Designated Driver informs you that she is heading towards a Police Checkpoint.  What actions should you suggest?
Avoid the checkpoint by turning onto another street
Proceed to the checkpoint
U-turn the vehicle and quickly proceed in the opposite direction
None of the Above
If a person is carrying a legal pocket knife and an Officer asks, “Are you carrying any weapons?”, they should say...
“Yes, I am carrying a weapon, I have a knife in my pocket”
“No, I’m not”, then hope the officer doesn’t frisk or search you
“I am not carrying a weapon, but I have a pocket knife”
Please Specify:
Whenever you are approached by police, what should you not do?
Be polite when you talk to the officer
Keep both of your hands in plain sight at all times
Tell the officer you know your rights
All the Above
Robert and Jeff are sitting in the park having a conversation about Spring Break when suddenly two officers approach the teens and order them to stand up. Then the officers began frisking the pair. What should the two college students do?
Tell the officers “You can’t frisk us without permission”
Pull out their mobile phones and start recording the officers
Remain calm and polite as they interact with the police
None of the Above
If an officer lies to you during an investigation, you can legally sue
A pocket knife is considered to be a weapon when...
It exceeds a certain length
It is used in a physical altercation
Local/State Law considers it a weapon
When you tell an officer it is a weapon
All the Above

Two police officers approach Fred and start searching him without his permission.  During the search, one of the officers aggressively searches Fred's crotch area.  What would be Fred’s best response?

Fred should yell “Sexual Assault”, and encourage onlookers to start recording
Fred should say he doesn’t consent to searches, and remove the officer’s hand from his crotch
Fred should say he doesn’t consent to searches, but not resist or touch the officer
None of the Above

If the police knock on your front door and ask you to open it, what shouldn't you do?

Prove you have nothing to hide by opening the door
Keep the door closed and politely ask the officers to state their business
Keep the door closed unless the Officers give you a signed warrant
Please Specify:
If a concealed carry permit holder is holding a dangerous criminal at gun point, what should he do once the police arrives?
Let the officer know he can legally carry a gun
Place his weapon on the ground and rise his hands
Holster his weapon and explain the situation to the officer
When is it okay to run away from the Police?
When the Police want to question you about a serious crime
Whenever the Police attempt to apprehend or arrest you for buying drugs
It is never a good idea to run from the police
Please Specify:
If you are ever arrested and investigated for a crime that you did or did not commit, what should you do?
Ask for an attorney and your required phone call, then stop talking
Other than your attorney, do not discuss your case to another person
Both the above decisions are correct
None of the Above
If your state allows you to legally keep a gun in your car’s glove compartment, where should you keep your insurance card and vehicle registration?
You should keep your documents in a different place
You should keep you gun on top of your documents
You should your gun on one side, and you documents on the other
Never keep a firearm, your insurance card, and your vehicle registration together in your car
Why is it a great idea to remember the phone numbers of two close friends or relatives?
If an emergency occurs, you can use any phone to call a friend and family member
If your phone is lost, stolen, or you are arrested, you can still contact your loved ones
Both answers are valid
If an officer frisks you and asks for the access code for your mobile phone, what shouldn't you do?
If you are innocent, you should give your access code when the officer asks
Tell the officer you do not consent to the search, but do not physically resist
Politely ask the officer if you are being detained, then respond accordingly
Please Specify:
You should never run from the Police because …
Once you are caught, they may severely injury you during the arrest
If the officer doesn’t know why you are running, they may shoot
You will be charged with additional serious charges for running
All of the Above
It is never a good idea to touch a Police Officer because…
You should never touch another person, including a cop, without their consent
You will likely be charged with assaulting an officer of the law (a felony)
To ensure his gun isn’t taken in a tussle, the officer may tase, beat, or shoot you
None of the Above
If an officer asks for permission to search you, you should…
Let the officer search you if they promise to let you go
Calmly tell the officer you do not consent to being searched
Say “No” and slowly walk away from the officer
All the Above
To be searched and to be frisked legally means the same thing?
Police officers can frisk you without your permission
To legally search a person, an officer must either have probable cause or get permission
If an officer makes it clear that you are being detained, you should…
Tell the officer you know your rights
Tell the officer you are going to sue them for false arrest
Ask for a lawyer and then stop talking
When a person is arrested for a serious crime, whether they are guilty or innocent - they should do what?
Ask for a lawyer
Stop talking
Only discuss your case with your lawyer
All the above
When an armed concealed carry permit holder is stopped by the police, they should…
Inform the officer they are a concealed carry permit holder
Inform the officer they are carrying a firearm, and don’t move
Keep both hands in sight, and wait for the officer’s instructions
All the above
A victim of police brutality should...
File a complaint with a Sargent at the police station
Tell the officer they plan to file a complaint
File a complaint with the Internal Affairs department
Please Specify:
During traffic stops, many officers put one hand on their gun because....
Hundreds of officers are killed each year
The officer doesn't know if the driver is dangerous
The officer must control any situation that occurs
To frighten drivers
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