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MBA vs. Master of Arts in Organizational Management

Which statement best describes you?
I thrive in creativity.
I prefer structure.
In groups, you tend to:
Offer support to the team.
Take the lead.
Are you a risk taker or do you take your time with decisions?
Let's give it a shot!
Let's evaluate our options.
Are you usually successful at convincing your friends to agree upon something?
They never listen to me.
I'm a voice of reason.
Are you great at making a schedule?
I keep it flexible.
I create and stick to my schedule.
Are you better at coming up with new ideas or improving current ideas?
Let's make things better.
I'm an idea machine.
Do you find yourself becoming an expert at one thing, or competent in many things?
I'm a Jack (or Jill) of all trades!
Trust me, I'm an expert.
Does the best part of you shine when you're being challenged, or when you're challenging something?
I'll make the waves.
I accept the challenge.
Which statement best describes you?
I prefer to personally conduct quantitative analysis when analyzing business opportunities.
I prefer to delegate quantitative analysis of business opportunities to another team member.
Would you rather be in charge of organizing a project or overseeing a project?
I'll make the key decisions.
Success requires accurate data.
Would you rather be the first line of contact with a client or be the engine that powers the process?
I make things happen.
I'm a client's best friend.
Which statement best describes you?
I prefer to use quantitative methods when assessing business opportunities and challenges.
I prefer to use experience and critical thinking to assess business opportunities and challenges.
{"name":"MBA vs. Master of Arts in Organizational Management", "url":"","txt":"Torn between earning an MBA or pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Management? Take our quiz and find out which degree might be best for you.","img":""}
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