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***What in the World?" Weekly Quiz -- July 1-7, 2019***

After twenty years of talks, the European Union concluded its largest-ever trade deal with THIS trading bloc. The deal will save European companies an estimated 4 billion euros in trade duties each year, and cover 780 million people:

African Economic Community
Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
Mercosur, a South American trading bloc
Association of Southeast Asian Nations

U.S. President Donald Trump made history by becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit THIS country, despite the sometimes deep tensions between the two nations:


North Korea

Much of Europe endured an intense heat wave, due in part to a high pressure that drew warm air up from northern Africa.  France logged its highest temperature to date, 45.9C, prompting officials all over the country to open cooling rooms and check on the sick and elderly.  What does 45.9C translate to on the Fahrenheit scale?  


Almost 100
Almost 110
Almost 105
Almost 115

Béji Caïd Essebsi, the 92-year-old president of THIS country, has been hospitalized for the last two weeks.  Mr. Essebsi, is the world's oldest sitting president, and the nation he leads is the only democracy to have emerged from the Arab Spring:


In the midst of a trade war with the United States, China is strengthening its trade ties with THIS nation, whose leaders met to sign a currency swap pact, discuss ways to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and set up $18 billion worth of trade deals:


North Korea
South Korea

49-year-old Ekrem Imamoglu is the new mayor of Turkey's capital, Istanbul, winning election by 90% of the vote. Which of the following makes Mr. Imamoglu's large margin of victory even more remarkable?

This is the second time in 3 months that Mr. Imamoglu has won a race for Mayor of Istanbul
Mr. Imamoglu defeated the candidate of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party
Mr. Imamoglu increased his margin of victory significantly in the June election
All of the above

Russian President Vladimir Putin made waves at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, after he declared that THIS was "obsolete":

Using the U.S. dollar as currency for international trade
The "liberal idea," or the global dominance of democracy, human rights, multiculturalism and tolerance
The G20 Summit itself, or a "gathering of stressed and ineffective people"
All of the above

Authorities in Iran seized 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines from two former factories after it was found that the crypto-currency facilities could have contributed to THIS:


The downing of a U.S. spy drone due to electromagnetic interference
A 7% spike in electricity consumption
Large withdrawals of cash from Iran's Central Bank
A sharp drop in the value of the Iranian rial

Police and residents in the small German town of Ostritz decided to deter possible violence by neo-Nazis attending the Shield and Sword Music Festival by doing THIS:


Holding hands and making a peaceful human chain around the venue, essentially hugging the far-right festival-goers
Closing down the town, including the electric and water companies
Buying up all the beer in town, and confiscating the beer that festival-goers brought with them
Cancelling the festival

July 1 is Canada Day, which commemorates the day in THIS year that the British North America Act took effect.  This act united the Province of Canada, along with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, into a single dominion within the British Empire called "Canada": 

{"name":"***What in the World?\" Weekly Quiz -- July 1-7, 2019***", "url":"","txt":"The Philippines President walked back comments made in Beijing about a “separation” from a historic partnership with the United States a day after his summit with Chinese leaders where he also called for closer Manila-Moscow ties. In his clarification he said, “It is not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,\" adding, “It's in the best interest of my countrymen to maintain that relationship.\" WHO is the President of the Philippines?, Just as US-Philippines relations were becoming more strained Vietnam opened the door to a more vigorous American presence in the region when Hanoi announced, through the Defense Ministry, that the country would support U.S. “intervention” in the Asia-Pacific if it would help keep peace and stability. The statement was a milestone in the long road back for US-Vietnam relations from America’s war there that ended with the fall of Saigon ON THIS DATE:, The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s first permanent war crimes court, has been under pressure over charges it was pursuing a “neo-colonial” agenda based on 9 out of 10 of its prosecutions having been against African leaders. Last week THIS COUNTRY announced its intention to withdraw from the court after it was criticized for failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Bashir, wanted by the court for genocide and war crimes.","img":""}