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If you're using social media management tools, are they managed by one or multiple teams?
We're not using any tools currently
One team manages them all
Multiple teams manage them
Is there a process to securely manage your social media tools?
(e.g. updating passwords)
Yes, there's a clear process
It's done ad hoc
No, not really
How often are senior managers/ the C-suite updated on the business' strategic use of social media?
Every quarter
Less often
Is one team responsible for coordinating social media management across the business?
Yes, one team
Multiple teams manage different parts
It's managed by an external agency
How well aligned is the use of social media to the business' priority objectives?
Very well aligned
Quite well aligned
Somewhat aligned
Not aligned at all
Is there a process to pause all social media activity outside of office hours (e.g. in a crisis)?
Yes, there's a clearly defined process
We have a process but it's not clearly defined
No, there's no set process
Is there a process to manage a sudden spike in negative comments on social media?
Yes, there's a clearly defined process
We have a process but it's not clearly defined
No, there's no set process
Is there a social media policy for employees which is easily accessible?
Yes, it's easy for employees to access
Yes, one exists, but it's a bit tricky to find
No there isn't an employee policy
When was the social media policy for colleagues last updated?
In the last 6 months
In the last 12 months
In the last 2 years
More than 2 years ago
How often do social customer care and marketing teams discuss the social media content calendar?
Campaign to campaign
Less often
Not applicable
Who's responsible for social media community management? (i.e. going beyond just responding to questions)
Customer Service team
Marketing/Social Media team
PR team
Another team
We don't do community management
External agency
How are new learnings from each social media campaign or project recorded?
We use an online collaboration tool (e.g. Yammer)
A separate end-of-campaign report is created
We don't routinely capture them
Are internal benchmarks used to track the performance of different social media activities?
Yes, for everything we do
Each project is judged on its own merits
We don't use internal benchmarks
How do you measure the impact of social media activity on the brand?
As part of wider brand tracking research activity
Brand tracking offered by the social networks
Other 'proxy' metrics (e.g. reach, engagement)
We don't directly measure the impact
All of the above
How closely is social media content development and paid media planning aligned?
Very well aligned
Quite well aligned
Somewhat aligned
Not aligned at all
What % of your social media content receives paid media support?
Around 25%
Around 50%
Around 75%
Almost all of it
To what extent do employees from outside the social media team contribute content or ideas?
They're actively encouraged to
Ad hoc; we'll consider any ideas they submit
Very little, if at all
Not applicable
Is there a process for creating 'reactive' social media posts? (e.g. within 24 hours of an opportunity)
There's a very clear process
We do it on an ad hoc basis
We struggle to turn around content quickly
How does a business function, team or location setup a new social media account?
They complete a request form and checklist which is reviewed by the social media team
They will email or call the social media team to request
They'll just set it up independently
Not applicable
Is the purpose of each of the business' social media accounts clearly defined?
Extremely clear
Quite clear
Not very clear
Not clear whatsoever
{"name":"The Social Business Diagnostic", "url":"","txt":"How many different social media management tools are used across the business?, Is there a process in place to check users with access to social media management tools change their passwords regularly?, How many people are employed by your business?","img":""}
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