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Which Zero Waste Swap Do You Need in Your Life?

It's the middle of the work day and you're not feeling so good. What's probably wrong with you?
I'm thirsty
I'm hungry
I don't feel cute today
I have allergies
I'm sad
I'm stuck in a rut
I don't feel fresh
I'm exhausted
The household chore you don't mind so much is...
Washing dishes
Doing laundry
Cleaning the bathroom
Taking out the trash
What? I love all household chores.
When making a purchasing decision, you care most about...
Value - I consider both the cost of an item and how long it will last and try to evaluate the lifetime cost
Price - I wan't to pay as little as possible
Aesthetic - I only want to bring things into my life that fit my personal style
Sustainability - I try to only purchase items that are ethically and sustainably made
Quality - I only buy items that will last forever
Choose a renewable or recyclable material.
Recycled metal
Recycled glass
Bio based plastic
You're taking a mid-day break. What's on the agenda?
Out to pick up some lunch at a local eatery
Grabbing a cup of coffee/tea
Working through my break
Taking a nap
Getting some excercise
Freshening up my beautiful face
Tidying my work space
Tending to the plants in my work space
You wouldn't mind spending a little less money on...
Eating out
Beauty & self care
Odds and ends
Which of the following is a pain point for you right now...
I don't have enough time for ordinary household chores
I want to save more money
I want to keep toxins out of my home and away from my family
I'm really focusing on reducing my personal trash output
I can't get my family on-board with my sustainability efforts
When you make a lifestyle change you...
Go all-in, all at once
Plan ahead with incremental steps
Wing it and hope for the best
Have a hard time sticking with it
Try to get others to join me
Enjoy sharing my journey on social media
What do you mean? I fear change...
{"name":"Which Zero Waste Swap Do You Need in Your Life?", "url":"","txt":"If you're just starting out or well on your way and looking for the next challenge, get a recommendation for your next sustainable switch!","img":"","hash":"#zerowaste,#lowwaste,#zerowasteswap,#lowwasteswap,#sustainableswitch,#plasticfreelife"}
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