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How are you sleeping?
I sleep great.
I struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep and often wake up tired.
I'd sleep great if my kids didn't wake me up!
Are you happy with your skin?
No, I have some fine lines, let's just say I am not getting any younger.
No....ugh....acne city.
How's your mood lately?
What can I say, I'm a happy gal/guy
Um...let's just say there are certain times in the month people around me are a little frightened.
I could use a little bump.
How's that Respiratory System holding up?
Breathing through both nostrils and lungs are pumping.
Does one nostril count?
Feeling energetic?
You bet!
No!! Why else would I be sitting taking this quiz?
Can you count on your immune system all year long?
Strong as an ox
No, I blame the kids
How's that gut doing?
All good!
I have heard gut health is important and I could use a little support..
Can you even focus, bro?
Laser focused
Wait, what was the question again?
Feeling stressed?
Cool as a cucumber
Who isn't?
Things feeling tight? neck, back, knees....
All good, Loosey goosey
How did you know?!?!?
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