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What animal from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are you?

What is your dream home?
Anything near the water
A cozy mountain cabin
A big house for my family
A house with lots of space for activities with my friends!
A secluded house in the woods filled with books
What do you do for exercise?
Exercise? No thanks
I can run forever!
I run sometimes, but only if my friends convince me to go with them
I love to swim
I like strength training
What is your ideal lunch?
Salad or roasted veggies
A family meal
What's your ideal vacation?
A "staycation" with my family
A quiet get away in the woods
Curling up with a good book
Spring break, partying with my friends!
A river trip with my closest friends!
How do you prefer to socialize?
I thrive in a group setting!
I generally prefer to be alone, but I will socialize from time to time
I have the most fun hanging out with my close group of friends
I hate parties
I have a big family and a lot of friends
How would your friends describe you?
The life of the party
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