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Time Man of the Year

In 2010 what young tech wiz and founder of a popular social media website won Time Man of the Year?
Mark Zuckerberg
Jeff Bezos
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
In the 1927, the very first MOTY became the first person to fly a plane solo non-stop across the Atlantic, from New York to Paris. Who was he?
Charles Lindbergh
Steve Fossett
Howard Hughes
Chesley Sullenberger
What US President won his 3rd MOTY award in 1941 while declaring war against Japan and resulting entry of the United States into World War II?
Franklin Roosevent
Harry Truman
Theordore Roosevent
George Bush
The 2001 MOTY was Mayor of New York City at the time of the September 11 attacks in 2001?
Rudy Giuliani
Ed Koch
Donald Trump
Michael Bloomberg
This 1940 MOTY was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation and the Battle of Britain.
Winston Churchill
Margaret Thatcher
Tony Blair
Richard Branson
The 2016 MOTY was the first President of the United States to win office without a political or military background?
Donald Trump
Barack Obama
Jimmy Carter
Abraham Lincoln
The 2006 MOTY was unique in its description, the winner represented all of the content creators on the World Wide Web. Who was the winner?
The Writers Association
JK Rowling
The 2003 MOTY represented U.S. forces around the world, especially in the Iraq War (2003–2011)?
The American Soldier
Colin Powel
The President
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