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What Ramadan personality are you?

Where are you usually on a Saturday night?
At my favourite restaurant with my family/friends
Snuggled up on the sofa with a good book
It can vary - I make plans at the very last minute!
How would your nearest and dearest best describe you?
An intellectual deep thinker
A chatterbox!
Laid back and chilled out
What's your dream job?
Novelist, academic or journalist
Anything where I get to meet people
I haven't figured that out yet!
My worst holiday would involve...
Somewhere where's there's no culture - I'm a culture vulture
Staying at the hotel or on the beach - I like heading out on adventures
Planning ahead - I like being spontaneous
After jumaa prayer, I usually...
Read the Qur'an
Go for lunch with my friends
Go home for a nap
What do you normally eat for iftar?
Home classics and some new recipes from a book
I usually get invited out for dinner at my friend's or go out for a meal
I don't know - I don't plan in advance!
The week before Ramadan, I'm...
Making a schedule for studying and reading the Qur'an
Catching up with family and friends before fasting season
Making up last year's fasts
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