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What area of San Diego should you live?

Where would you choose to grab dinner?
Anywhere with cheap drinks
Somewhere local and organic
The new hottest place in town
Any place where I can get a good glass of wine
A local favorite with a great vibe
A good place for an after work happy hour
Family friendly
What would you be found doing on a Sunday?
Sunday = Funday at the beach
Yoga or surf and a trip to the farmers market
Sleeping-in in my loft apartment
Brunch with friends after my morning run
Where I can get the best hangover food guilt free
Getting ready for Monday
Taking the family on a hike
After a long day of work you…
Work? No thank you, I rather be outside
Watching a sunset on the beach
Happy hour with colleagues
Going home to enjoy a glass of wine
I don’t work a normal schedule
Running errands
Going to my kids school play
Your best mode of transportation is...
Does my car have gas in it? If not I guess I will walk
My Prius
My own two feet
I drive a small SUV that get good gas miles
A fixie road bike
A Luxury car just in case I must drive clients
Family friendly SUV
Your ideal place to live has...
Cheap rent and roommates that enjoy hanging out
An ocean view and open floor plan
A loft apartment
Walkable but not too urban, a view of a park would be nice
Some place unique that I can make my own
Is fully updated and remodeled
Big enough for my family with a yard for the dogs and kids
You would describe yourself as...
Young and full of life
Relaxed and working on balance
Always on the go
Busy but I still have time for a social life
Interested in creating a business with a social mission
Let’s be honest I’m a workaholic
A family man/woman at heart
If you were to have a pet it would be...
A pig! Just because it sounds fun
A rescue dog
A cat because they can be left alone often
A small dog, if there is a doggy daycare down the street
A Puggle!
A fish
A Golden Retriever
If something in your home broke you would...
Not care unless it was my wake board
Fix it myself whenever the time comes
Call the property manager right away
Call a handy friend
Google how to fix it
Hire someone who can work around my schedule
Things break all the time, I have a pumber on call to be safe
Its Saturday night so you
Go bar hopping in PB
Join friends at a bar with live music and good food
Drive into town for a date night!
Check out the newest night club and dance the night away
Go see a new band
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