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Titanic The Movie

Which 1997 epic blockbuster movie brought in over $2 billion worldwide and was nominated for the most Academy Awards of any film in history, with 14 nominations?
Men In Black
Which Titanic star received his first Academy Award nomination for his 1993 role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Victor Garber
Bill Paxton
Billy Zane
James Cameron originally didn’t want to feature a song in the movie Titanic, but which song became second best selling single by a female artist in history?
My Heart Will Go On
Crazy for You
Because You Loved Me
I Will Always Love You
Which Titanic star, the youngest person to ever receive six Academy Award nominations, had to use a fake American accent?
Kate Winslet
Gloria Stuart
Frances Fischer
Kathy Bates
Which risqué scene in Titanic was the first that actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet shot together?
Sketching Rose in the nude
Running through the stateroom filling with water
Dancing in the ship
Jack freezing to death
What catchphrase, which James Cameron repeated when he accepted his Oscar for best director, did Jack yell when he ran to the front of the ship?
I’m the King of the World
I Can Fly!
I’m the Best
It Can Never Sink
Titanic was the 10th movie made by established director James Cameron, but it was his first film that didn’t mention what?
Nuclear weapons
James Cameron wanted to keep the movie secret while he was filming icebergs, so which decoy title did he use to conceal the movie’s identity?
Planet Ice
Penguin Planet
Ice Aliens
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