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What Position Should You REALLY Play?

Pick all characteristics below that describe you.
Are you...?
Great under pressure
Good at reading the opposition
Comfortable on the dribble
Great at taking players on 1v1
Great at anticipating the next play. One step ahead.
Dynamic, creative, deceptive
Obssessed with scoring
How would you describe yourself?
The beast
The warrior
The roadrunner
The assassin
The magician
The conductor
The machine
Of the following, which best describes you?
Great at heading & getting stuck in
Mentally strong & focused
Great at cutting inside to find teammates
Loves to dribble and cut inside
Doesn't have to depend on speed, but timing and positioning
Great passer and dribbler
Able to receive the ball with defenders on their back
Which option below do you enjoy the most?
Making runs in behind
Dribbling out of pressure
Dictating the attack but also does the dirty work
Breaking ankles on the dribble
Seeing the whole field so you can distribute with longer passes
Getting stuck in on tackles and playing long balls
Communicating and thriving under pressure
Your coach loves you because you...
Have great hand-eye coordination
You are good at defending 1v1
You have great endurance
You are creative and crafty
You don't take breaks. Always active, always on.
You have great vision and awareness
You are great at taking player on 1v1
You are a boss on the field because...
You enjoy diving
You're a good leader
You're great at defending 1v1
you're excellent at shooting & crossing
You're very comfortable in the pocket
You're extremely fast
You're able to run in behind the back line
Are you a good communicator?
Are you a good distributor?
Do you enjoy getting stuck-in?
Are you...?
Vocal & tough
Good at giving directions to teammates in front
Great at crossing & switching the field
Amazing at finesse shots
Always checking your shoulder and finding space
Able to take tackles and get kicked
Confident & don't think about missed chances
Pick all characteristics below that describe you.
Good communicator
Confident at playing out of the back
Loves playing wide
Comfortable near the sideline
You don't take breaks; you are always active, always on
Agressive and tough
Don't dwell on mistakes
Are ready to cover teammates mistakes
have good pace
Are good at cutting inside
have great endurance
Are able to run in behind the back line
Drag defenders out of position with runs
How would you describe yourself?
You are comfortable diving
You like to play simple
You are good at marking
You enjoy running at players
Excellent at controlling the ball
Able to break the equilibrium of the other team by unbalancing them with unexpected dribbles and passes.
Able to push away from defenders
You are a beast on the field because you...
Keep eyes on opponents and the ball simultaneously.
Great at reading the game
Excellent at being isolated 1v1 on both offense and defense
The voice, the leader. Always talking to the players in front.
Able to receive on the half turn in the pocket and dribble at the back line or thread through balls to the forwards and wingers
Are confident and calm in the attacking third
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