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Composite Laminate Cutting Quiz

What tool is the most widely used method for cutting composite laminates?
Straight Blades
Rotary Tools
All of the Above
Why can cutting composites be difficult?
Reinforcement fibers are abrasive
Composites do not typically transfer heat well
Composites can delaminate when cut
All of the Above
What do the majority of fabricators use to cut laminates?
Rotary Tools and Straight Blades
Hot Knife
What is strongly recommended to wear when cutting composite laminates?
Steel Toe Boots
Dust Mask and Eye Protection
Hard Hat
Hazmat Suit
What is recommended when cutting tubes or rods with a rotary tool?
Cutting Side to Side
Cutting from the Top Down
Cutting from the Bottom Up
It Does Not Matter
What is the hardest natural material that is most often used for cutting tools?
What is the advantage in using Tungsten carbide grit-style blades?
Least Amount of Edge Damage
They Last Longer
They Cut More Quickly
All of the Above
What is one advantage in using electric-powered jigsaws or saber saws over rotary tools?
They Cause less Damage
They Cut Faster
They are Cheaper
The Blades do not Become Dull
What is a disadvantage in using straight blades over rotary tools?
They can't be used to make extremely small cuts
They cut slower
They introduce more edge damage
They can't be used on flat surfaces
What is the final step in a top-quality edge?
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