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Are You Talent Acquisition Ready?

What does EVP stand for?
Employee Value Proposition
Employee Value Provided
Employee Value Process
What is the most relevant sourcing channel for passive candidates?
Employee referral
Recruitment agency
Social media
Company career website
Which of the following is the lowest cost sourcing channel from the four listed sources?
Employee referrals
Internal job posting
Building internal talent
Social media
What does ‘PC’ in KSAPC refer to?
Personal Characteristics
Personal Competency
People Character
Personality Components
While making hiring decisions, which rating error leads to one aspect of the individual influencing the entire evaluation?
Halo/horn effect
Recency effect
Primacy effect
Central tendency
An organization is spread across 5 regions in India, each having their unique local culture. Talent is not very mobile across regions. Which is the most relevant TA structure for this organization?
An organization is looking to create a new business vertical which requires a different skill set from previous businesses. Which sourcing strategy would you choose?

The candidate experience begins before the candidate is contacted by a recruiter or applies to the organization

Identify the rating error in the statement below: ‘He did really well in the interview but in the initial stage of the interview, he had mentioned about a minor glitch which his team had made last year so I am not going to hire him’.
Halo/Horn effect
Recency effect
Primacy effect
Central tendency
I work in the recruitment department of a research and development firm where my hiring volumes are low and very specialized skills are required. Which of the following approach would be most suitable for me to hire candidates?
Technical interview followed by behavioral event interviewing
Skill based tests followed by cognitive tests
Personality assessment followed by HR interview
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