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The Monkees

In 1965 this made for TV band released its soon to be #1 hit, Last Train To Clarksville. What was the bands name?
The Monkees
The Partridge Family
In Sync
The Backstreet Boys
Which of these people were not a member of the Monkees?
Stuart Sutcliffe
Mickey Dolenz
Davey Jones
Peter Tork
In 1968, Davy Jones went missing for three weeks spurring many rumors. Why?
The Draft
Dating Raquel Welsh
Weekend Bender Gone Bad
The Monkees are in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most #1 Albums in a single year.
Davie Jones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show as a cast member in the Broadway Show The Artful Dodger. What band appeared that same night in 1964?
The Beatles
The Doors
The Monkees
Jimi Hendrix
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