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How Performance Management Savvy Are You?

A good model to give spontaneous feedback is:
Openness – Inquire – Plan- Suggest
Openness- Inquire- Pause – Suggest
Observation – Impact – Pause – Suggest
Observation – Impact – Perceive – Suggest
Potential comprises of the following 3 A’s
Aspiration, Agility and Ability
Achievement, Agility, Aspiration
Adaptability, Ability, Agility
Aspiration, Achievement, Ability
The 9 box is used to classify ____________
Performance & Potential
Performance & Pay
Potential & Attrition
Performance & Behavior
Bell curve mirrors a:
Normal distribution
Exponential Distribution
Uniform Distribution
Binomial Distribution
The two types of rating scale are:
Numeric and Alphabetical
Alphabetical and Numeric
Numeric and BARS
BARS and Alphabetical
The following action by manager is an example of which bias? “Jeff was outstanding in his ability to get delinquent customers to pay up. His excellence in this important area caused his manager to rate him highly in unrelated areas where his performance was actually less than stellar.”
Similar to me
Halo effect
Spillover effect
What would be the most appropriate RACI for the following step in the PMS process? Step: Drive Mid- year discussions and closure of reviews for the business unit
R – HR Head, A – CEO, C- NA, I – Business head
R – HR Head, A – HR BP, C- Business head, I – CEO
R – HR BP, A – HR head, C- NA, I – NA
R – HR BP, A – HR Head, C-Business head, I – CEO

Which of the following would you use as potential indicators at the middle levels in a small firm with 100 employees?

360 degree feedback
Past performance data
Competency assessments
Psychometric assessment
ABC is a startup in the e-commerce space. It has 50 employees at a pan –India level. 80% of them are millennials with high aspiration and need for instant gratification. Recently they had the first level of funding from a VC and the CEO is keen to recognize the team which made this happen. They have limited budgets and flat structure. What would you advise the CEO?
Maintain Business As Usual (BAU)
Offer a pay rise to the team
Recognize the achievements in the communication meet and on the social media platform
Offer a promotion to the team
XYZ joined the organization 2 years ago and has been a high performer in his work in the last 2 years. He was leading the sales for his territory. Now after 2 years he has been promoted to the role of Area Sales Manager which involves managing a team of 10 people. What do you think could have been done in this process?
Potential assessment for the new role
Decision should have been based solely on his People Management skills
2 years is too short a time for the promotion
The decision is right, no changes needed
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