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Workplace Safety Quiz 3

What is meant by the term "toolbox talk"?
A group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue
A method statement requirement for large construction sites
A guide to the cheapest deals on power tools
A briefing on the tools not to be used on site
What is the main reason for accident investigations?
To apportion blame on the faulty parties
To produce a losses report to assess the financial cost
To gather information needed by Personal Injury Claim lawyers
To prevent a re-occurrence of the accident
What is the first sign that your hearing is suffering as a result of noise at work?
Faint traces of blood in the ear canal
Temporary hearing loss or ringing in the ears
A thick mucous discharge from the ear drum
A water fire extinguisher (red band) should ONLY be used on what type of fire...
Live electrical equipment
Flammable metal fires
Flammable liquid fires
Wood, paper and textiles
Why is it better to use battery powered tools instead of electrically powered alternatives?
You will not get an electric shock from them
They are more environmentally friendly
They are easier to carry
They cost less
A 110 volt power cable and connector should be which colour?
Green and yellow
While at work, who should you report a serious accident or occurrence to?
The emergency services
The local newspaper
Your employer
What is the maximum number of people allowed on a ladder at the same time?
It is dependent on whether the ladder is "footed" by a colleague
There is no recommended number
Which method is the safest when entering a deep excavation?
Use a fixed stairway
Use a secured ladder
Dig out foot holes into the wall of the shaft and climb down
Use a secured rope and safety harness
You're more likely to injure which part of your body when lifting heavy loads?
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