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Would you rather...?

1. Would you rather...?
Feed 5,000 people like Jesus did?
Clean up after all the people left?
Pass out napkins to 5,000 people?
2. Would you rather...?
Hike up a tall mountain to hear Jesus teach?
Row a boat in a storm across a lake to hear Jesus?
Cut a hole in a roof to get it to see Jesus?
3. Would you rather...?
Ride to Mississippi in a car with a drooling camel?
Ride to Texas with a beehive in your car?
Ride to Maine in a car with no widows?
Stay in your room for 8 days instead!!
4. Would you rather meet David the...?
Young shepherd boy keeping sheep?
Stone-slinging slayer of the Giant?
King in his palace?
5. Would you rather take a bath in a tub full of...?
Peanut Butter and Jelly?
Chocolate Milk?
Apple and cinnamon oatmeal?
Baby aligators?
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