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Are you red or blue gay?

Pick an ideal first date
Watching a movie at home
Walk on the park
Boardgames and takeout
Choose a motorcycle position
Driving so I can feel the wind on my face
Driving so I can be in control
On the back so I can hug the driver
On the back so I don't need to focus on driving
Someone is talking shit about your partner, what do you do?
Start swinging fists and beat them up
Be passive aggressive and sass them straight to hell
Do you consider yourself
An extrovert
A bit of both
An introvert
If you have a crush, you
Flirt with them but freak out if they flirt back
Stare at them until they notice it
Punch your feelings away
Repress it
I'm not a disaster gay
How do you feel about change
I can't handle change
I'm used to change
I don't really care
Cats or dogs?
I can't choose I love them all
Fuck you for making me choose
Sun or moon?
What do you do if you need to relax?
Go for a run/drive around
Chill with friends
Punch things or do some exercise
Do your self care routine
Are you a team player?
Yeah I work better when I'm in a team
As long as I'm the leader
I prefer to work alone
As long as everyone can get along, working with a team can be great
{"name":"Are you red or blue gay?", "url":"","txt":"Pick an ideal first date, Choose a motorcycle position, Someone is talking shit about your partner, what do you do?","img":""}
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