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Personality Quiz

Are you more energised by:
Reading books, listening to music, playing video games, deep conversations with someone, playing sports.. that kind of thing.
Reflecting on my own thoughts, impressions, feelings and worldviews.. that kind of thing.
With regards to saying 'sorry', do you:
Generally apologise in order to maintain a relationship.. saying "sorry" to me is essentially a form of comforting the other person, making sure they're okay, and I interpret apologies the same way when they're directed at me.
Generally apologise when I think I'm in the wrong, saying "sorry" to me, is essentially a form of accepting I've made a mistake, to let people know I've messed up, and I interpret apologies the same way when they're directed at me.
With regards to the 'big picture', do you generally:
Seek out information to fill in the gaps, preferring to rely on facts and data you accumulate in order to develop a complete, bulletproof understanding of it.
Generally feel like you've got a grasp on it, preferring to work with the picture in your head, rather than seek out additional information to flesh out your understanding of it.
Do you generally prefer to:
Optimize and refine my existing skills and talents, I like to think I'm heading towards mastery of my interests.
Pick up new skills and talents, spend more time learning new things than getting really good at anything in particular.
Other people see me as more:
Uncompromising and stubborn.
Haphazard and flighty.
Are you male or female?
Jake is seeing two women at the moment, and he's decided he wants to settle down with one, but doesn't know which one. He's written a list of pros and cons, and everything looks like his future will be brighter with Chelsea - similar interests, similar views on most issues and she has her shit together. Something inside tells him he should just ignore what the list says, and be with Maria, he doesn't share many interests with her and they share differing views on a lot of things, Maria is also pretty unclear on what she wants to do with her life. Still, his heart's saying Maria.. who should Jake settle down with?
Chelsea is seeing two men at the moment, and she's decided she wants to settle down with one, but doesn't know which one. She's written a list of pros and cons, and everything looks like her future will be brighter with Jake - similar interests, similar views on most issues and he has his shit together. Something inside tells her she should just ignore what the list says, and be with Eric, she doesn't share many interests with him and they share differing views on a lot of things, Eric is also pretty unclear on what she wants to do with his life. Still, her heart's saying Eric.. who should Chelsea settle down with?
Do you love to:
Crack open a cold one with the boiz or girlz, and keep crackin' 'em open all night.
I prefer to not really crack open cold ones with others much, and if I do, I'll only crack only a couple then want to head on home.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I'm outgoing in social situations, and assertive when it comes to planning and directing gatherings. I carry out these kinds of social obligations with finesse, and find it easy to introduce people to each other. Connecting people who share similar interests is something I enjoy.
I'm willing to initiate conversations in social situations with people I already know, or if I really have to due to my role. I generally appear at ease in familar surroundings, however I appear less at ease in larger gatherings or unfamiliar surroundings. I'm willing to introduce people to each other if no one else does.
I consider social obligations to be unimportant and prefer to leave them to others. I prefer to discuss important issues in-depth and I can't stand small talk. I definitely don't want to introduce people to each other, and can be seen as quiet or shy.
Which of the following sounds most like you:
I talk quite a bit, sometimes too much, and I'm pretty easy to get to know. I find I easily express my feelings and interests with others.
I'm can be seen as either hard to get to know, or easy to get to know, depending on the situation. I generally show more interest in other peoples feelings and interests, rather than sharing my own. I'm generally only okay revealing that kind of thing around people I'm comfortable with.
I keep pretty much all of my feelings and interests to myself. I'm seen as hard to get to know, because I process practically everything inside. I assume other people aren't interested in my thoughts.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I enjoy being around other people and prefer not to be on my own for too long. I like to feel I belong to larger groups. I've got many acquaintances and friends.
I like both large group activities and one-on-one conversations sometimes. I find my degree of comfort with strangers depends on the situation. I can appear outgoing sometimes, and reserved sometimes, very in-between.
I'm only interested in one-on-one conversations and prefer in-depth involvement with others. I would rather be friends with a smaller group of people that are important to me, rather than be part of a larger group. I draw a clear line in the sand, between who is a friend, and who is an acquaintance.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I learn better by doing, hearing and observing, rather than by reading or writing. I prefer to communicate in person, whether that's over the phone, face-to-face or via Skype etc doesn't matter. I'd much rather talk, than write, about a topic.
I prefer to learn new things in person, and more familiar things by reading. I like to talk in person about non-technical information, but prefer to communicate by writing for more technical things. I'm comfortable actively participating in events, or quietly observing them.
I learn better by reading and writing than by doing, and I communicate better by writing as well. I can concentrate better on reading written material, than listening to someone talk. I also remember information better, if I read it.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I like being right where the action is happening, and I often find myself being the centre of attention. I'm able to get other people caught up in my enthusiasm.
I'm okay with showing enthusiasm when I'm comfortable with the people I'm talking to, or the topic I'm talking about... otherwise, I'd rather be in the background. I find my desire for quiet or action depends on how full or quiet my day has been.
I prefer not to be in the centre of the action, much prefering calm, serenity, or silence. I'm irritated by noisy circumstances and places. I can have a calming effect on groups.
Do you put more trust, or faith, in:
Your own experience and the facts, data and information you've accumulated.
Your inspiration and insights.
Do you prefer to read about:
Facts, concrete, real-world knowledge that I can actually use FOR REAL. IRL.
Theories, concepts, ones that provide insight into the world.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I'm grounded in reality and facts. I interpret things literally and am careful about making inferences and assumptions. I begin with what I know is true, and have my facts in order before moving on.
I want to know both the facts, and what they mean. I prefer to have the facts first, before moving to the meanings, though. I might get stuck on a fact when under pressure and can sometimes have difficulty seeing the bigger picture.
I like to go straight beyond the surface and read between the lines, so to speak. I might use metaphors or symbols to explain my views. I can sometimes appear like an olympic pole vaulter with regards to the assumtions I make, and I enjoy brainstorming.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I take pride in my common sense, and I value efficiency, practicality and cost effectiveness. I appreciate experiences things directly and seek tangible, real-world results.
I like to look for and find some new ideas and methods, but I don't set out to re-invent the wheel right off the bat. I'm careful to avoid embracing anything that seems a little too far-fetched. I move pretty quickly to see how my ideas work, and what their limitations are.
I like ingenuity for it's own sake, and am resourceful in dealing with completely new and unusual experiences. I can easily envision what I believe is needed for the future, and it may not be a solution that already exists.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I find that applying ideas is more appealing than the ideas themselves. I need to see how something works, or is supposed to work, in order to really understand it. I prefer practical utility over intellectual wankery.
I blend pragmatism and curiousity. I like to alternate back and forth between ideas, and their applications. I do want to see my best ideas actually come to fruition and be used, rather than just thought about.
I enjoy acquiring new knowledge for its own sake. I focus on the concept or the idea, and not on it's real-world application. I prefer to start with an idea, rather than a problem.
When considering various possible solutions to a problem, what do you place more emphasis on?
All the consequences of each alternative.
How much yourself, or others, care about each alternative.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I learn best from direct hands-on experience. I'm careful not to generalise too much. I focus more on the present and the past, than on the future.
I've got a mild interest in theories that explain things that are important to me. I'm not likely to pursue theories in any great depth. I see theories as mostly.. explaining patterns, but I'm more interested in seeing how those patterns actually work.
I trust theory and believe it to be its own reality. I see most everything as fitting into a pattern, or theoretical context. I'm future oriented and don't focus on the present moment, or the past.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I identify strongly with what is familar. I admire and support established institutions or methods. I'm reluctant to change things that are working well.
I value some traditions in family and work activity. I'm eager to change procedures that don't work. I'll happily follow established procedures, as long as they work.
I place high value in cleverness, uniqueness and inventiveness. I have a need to demonstrate my originality. I'd rather figure things out all by myself, than read any directions or instructions.
When someone suggests a new idea, which sounds more like you?
I like to analyse the new idea, and generally aim to point out flaws or inconsistencies in them to understand how realistic they are. You could say I react to most new information and ideas with a degree of skepticism.
I like to appreciate the positive aspects of the new idea, and generally look for what is good, or right, about the idea. I suppose you could say I generally give the other person and the idea the benefit of the doubt.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I use reasoning to make decisions. I approach situations as a bystander - an observer. I'm confident and clear in my objectives and decisions.
I make decisions based on both a concern for others, and logic. I might be indecisive when making a decision. I can sometimes be seen as ambivalent.
I trust my values as a reliable basis for making decisions. I'm in touch with my own and others feelings and values. I'm influenced by my likes and dislikes when making decisions.
Which is more accurate for you?
I'm good at analysing ideas.
I'm good at understanding people.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I use questions to clarify ideas and can be tenacious in getting the answers I need. I'm precise in my questioning, preferring little to no discrepancies. I might need to have all questions answered, before I can trust my conclusions.
I only really ask questions when needed. I question and disagree in a style that's neither confrontational, nor overly pleasant. I become more confrontational and direct when an important value is threatened.
I minimise differences by focusing on points of agreement, or by reframing the issue. I want to include people in my decision making process, and would prefer they all agree. I will ask some questions when I feel strongly about an issue.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I'm argumentative and skeptical. I take nothing for granted, and concede little. I like to clarify what is wrong, as nothing is perfect.
I clarify what is right and wrong with things. I may or may not critique out loud. I critique selectively.
I focus on the good in people and situations. I like to praise and be kind to others, and I expect the same in return. I believe every situation can be turned into a win-win.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I believe logical analysis is the best for making decisions. I use real, concrete data to make decisions. I focus on cause and effects, as well as the pros and cons.
I prefer to consider both logical consequences and peoples feelings when making decisions. I respect a dispassionate approach, but not extreme ones. I might experience a little tension between an analytical approach, and a personal one.
I focus mostly on how a decisions might affect what's important to myself and others. I've got a knack for identifying my own and others feelings about issues. I truly believe that following my personal appraisal of a situation is the best way to make a decision.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I focus single-mindedly on achieving my objective. I often assume that alternatives don't exist. I'm results-oriented and comfortable focusing on the bottom line.
I pay attention to both emotional issues, and potential outcomes. I prefer a conciliatory approach first.. but then I can become tougher. I'm devoted and loyal to the people close to me.
I want people to like me and I use gentleness and affection to achieve my objectives. I see several ways to arrive at agreement, and I want everyone to feel good about the result. I give others the benefit of the doubt.
Do you prefer to:
Quickly decide things, so you can begin acting on your decision.
Collect information so that you can fully understand what is required.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I like to make long-range plans, especially for leisurely activities. I enjoy looking ahead and planning for the future. I feel long-range planning makes me more efficient.
I like to plan at work, but be flexible at home, or vica versa. I might plan for a few important goals, but not everything. I might go back and forth between enjoying the here and now, and planning for the future.
I like to make plans on the spur of the moment, especially when it comes to leisure actitivies. I prefer to be flexible so that activities can unfold. I regret committing to things, as I feel this boxes me in.
Do you feel most anxious:
Until things are settled.
When forced to decide too quickly.
Which is more you:
I thrive in and enjoy highly structured environments.
I feel restricted by highly structured environments.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
My motto might as well be "Be prepared." I prefer to work within a structured environment. I dislike diversions and surprises.
I like a general plan, with some backups if possible. I don't mind interruptions, if there's no agenda in place. I dislike distractions once I've gotten into something.
I like to be surprised and prefer to take things as they come. I prefer a leisurely pace, and let things unfold as they may. I don't like having to deal with plans in too much detail.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I am comfortable with routines, established methods and procedures. I prefer to control my time and enjoy scheduling both work and home activities. I seem rather predictable to other people, but I like it that way.
I'm comfortable with a moderate amount of routine. I feel some routine provides predictability, as well as the freedom to respond to opportunities as they arise. At work, I see routine as helpful, at home, I find it confining - or vica-versa.
I enjoy complete freedom and openness to new experiences and see routines as contraints. I'm at my best when responding in the moment. I feel routine interferes with my ability to respond to unexpected opportunities.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I allow myself more than enough time to finish an activity. I work on multiple tasks easily, by starting ahead of time. I arrange my world so I don't have to deal with last-minute rushes.
I'm likely to find it hard to get started on a task too far in advance. I find the pressure of a looming deadling to be a source of motivation. I work best when the deadline is close enough to cause a moderate amount of pressure.
I feel I'm most creative when I'm under the pressure of a deadline. I find my mind working on an assigned task, even though nothing is on paper. I need to know just how late I can start, and still make the deadline.
Which of the following sounds most like you?
I develop detailed plans for the tasks at hand. I define the subtasks of my life. I thoroughly prepare in precise ways, specifying all the steps needed to accomplish the goal.
I prefer to have detailed plans in unfamiliar situations. I'm comfortable without a plan when I'm quite sure of myself. I don't need to have all of the steps in place and planned out, in order to move ahead.
I dive into action without detailed plans. I believe a solution will emerge regardless of where I start. I like to wait and see what happens, then improvise.
When faced with a problem, for the most part are you concerned with:
What's going to work, and making that happen as quickly as possible - this doesn't require understanding every tiny little thing, just get the damn thing done and out of the way.
Understanding as much as possible about the situation, preferring to take your time comprehending all of the intricacies the problem presents - so, you dislike being pushed to make hasty decisions.
I'm more focused what other people think about it, not so much worried about the problem itself.
Which of the following applies to you the most?
I speak mostly about my what I've got to do, or what needs to be done.. things I can keep track of and take care of. I generally make sure I obey laws, follow rules, and respect the rights of others.
I speak mostly about what I hope for and imagine might be possible for others. I want to act in good conscience, and am always trying to reach my goals without jeopardising my own code of ethics.
I speak mostly about what's going on at the moment, about things I can do right now. I generally do whatever works and whatever gives me what I want, even if I have to bend the rules.
I speak mostly about new things are intriguing me and what new ideas I might have. I am always pretty matter-of-fact and like to act as efficiently as possible to achieve my goals, and I will ignore rules and conventions I deem unnecessary.
For the most part, do you prefer to:
Adapt to the vibe of an environment, preferring a harmonious atmosphere and to keep the peace. Sometimes sacrificing your own beliefs and opinions so as to not cause emotional disturbance in the outer world.
Adapt the vibe of an environment to yourself, preferring to stay true to who you are regardless of where you are. Sometimes sacrificing the beliefs and opinions of others, so as to not cause emotional disturbance within yourself.
Not particularly fussed about the 'vibe' of the social environment.
When looking at something, such as a painting, a picture, scenery, literally anything - which sounds most like you?
I tend to search inwards and reflect upon the vivid impressions that I receive. Often, a feeling will arise that's almost as if another part of my life is being laid over what I am currently experiencing. In these moments, I feel alive - looking out at a sunset will evoke impressions of sunsets with lovers long gone - I can literally feel the heartbreak years later when this happens.. it could evoke the nostalgia of playing with my friends as a kid. I love these moments and I use them to guide my path through life.
I tend to notice the colours, the palette that's been used, the way each stroke has been lay upon the canvas. I can sometimes visualise scenery just as rich and vivid as if it were real - in my head, I can picture myself there, I can see the sun glistening off the ocean, I can feel the sand beneath my feet, I can feel the wind on my face, I can hear the waves - shit, I can see the old people walking their dog - all in my head. I want to be there, and I want to experience it.
I'm more focused on exploring the possibilities presented by what I'm observing - what I think it means, or could mean.
Which of the following resonates the most with you?
I love thinking about possibilities, exploring them and sharing them with others - sometimes new ones come to me as I vocalise my thoughts, and I enjoy bouncing my ideas off of other people - I tend to do this before I've fully fleshed the idea out. I love learning about, and experiencing new things - I'm constantly seeking knowledge. I am restless and can be so immersed in my own mind that I am practically not 'present' in the real world sometimes.
I like exploring concepts and fleshing out my insights and perspectives on things on my own. I tend not to share these insights with other people until I'm positive it's 'complete' in my head. I sometimes zone out as I focus on visualising my insights into crystal clear truths about the world.
I'm not really concerned with 'ideas', 'possibilities' or 'concepts' - I'm more realistic and prefer to just deal with life as it is, rather than drift off into that kind of fantasy land. I zone out every now and then but it doesn't exactly define my personality.
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