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What poker hand is your phone system dealing you?

When I work from anywhere else, my office phone
misses me.
takes the day off and catches up on some reading.
allows me to route my incoming calls to multiple phones in a specified sequence, allowing me to create a unique call flow and failover for my extension.
just takes messages and waits until I get back into the office for me to hear them. Real passive aggressive type stuff.
When the phone rings at our office
the caller can listen to a brief message and then select the department they’d like to be directed to.
we all scramble to find a phone to answer.
we have a receptionist whose whole job is to answer the phone.
we answer the phone and play a game of how many transfers until the caller is connected. Most transfers wins. It's not a fun game for the caller.
Every time we want to make any changes or updates to our phone system
we have to request the change with our provider and wait for them to get to it.
we just log into our admin portal and map out our changes visually using a drag-and-drop canvas.
we have to pay for each change we make, so we limit the updates we make.
we look at other phone systems that can make the sorts of changes we make.
Our phone system
is a traditional PBX, with all the hardware costs that entails.
is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I know it's more complicated than I'd like it to be.
cost a lot when we first purchased it; the TCO is about the same as Peru's GDP.
is completely managed, stored, and maintained over the Internet through cloud computing technology, rather than on expensive hardware that we had to purchase.
We have about 15 users in our office and pay
less than $25 per month, per user, for our phone system which includes over 80 really cool and useful features.
so much, so… so…. much.
very little, and get very few features, and that's ok. It's ok. I promise, it's fine. It's fine, it's fine. IT'S FINE!
too much for the few features I have today, and that's not good.
{"name":"What poker hand is your phone system dealing you?", "url":"","txt":"Sometimes, the hand you have may not be what you want. And you may not know it, having settled for so long. On the same token, the hand you're holding may be exactly what you want, but how can you ever really know? Find out if the phone system you have is truly dealing you the hand you want for your business with this quiz.","img":"","hash":"#VoIP, #poker, #business, #RoyalFlush"}
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