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Brat Pack

Rob Lowe plays the saxaphone in what Brat Pack movie about recent graduates of Georgetown University, and their adjustment to their post-university lives and the responsibilities of encroaching adulthood?
St Elmos Fire
The Breakfast Club
Oxford Blues
The Outsiders
In what Brat Pack movies does Jonathon (Judd Nelson) stuff marijuana down Brian's (Anthony Michael Hall) pants?
The Breakfast Club
The Outsiders
Pretty In Pink
West Side Story
In The Breakfast Club, what Brat Packer famously said to the principal, "Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe"?
Jonathon Bender
Richard Vernon
Andrew Clark
Brian Johnson
In 'St.Elmo's Fire', whose character tries to kill themselves by leaving all the windows in the apartment open so they would freeze to death?
Demi Moore
Ally Sheedy
Rob Lowe
Julia Roberts
In the movie 'Sixteen Candles', what is the name of the foreign exchange student who is living with Sam's grandparents?
Long Duck Dong
Mao Tse Tong
Lenny Kravitz
Uncle Tai
What Brat Pack movie contained the line "Can I borrow your underpants for ten minutes?"?
Sixteen Candles
St Elmos Fire
The Breakfast Club
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Who plays Ponyboy in The Outsiders?
C Thomas Howell
Brad Pitt
Rob Lowe
Andrew McCarthy
The name The Brat Pack was a play on what group of famous singers and entertainers?
The Rat Pack
The Righteous Brothers
The Fancy Boys
The Bowery Boys
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