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What Kind of Classy Phone Case are you?

I love glitter!?
100% describes me
I like it a lot but not too crazy
I could take it or leave it
Absolutely not! It gets everywhere!
How often do you drop your phone??
Dropping all the time! Shamelessly clumsy
A bad drop here and there
A bad drop once in a great while
Never drop. I am cautious
Multi functionality for my ideal phone case is...?
Would be nice but not a deal breaker
Not necessary
Ideal phone case profile?
Thin to regular
Regular to thick
How often do you switch phone cases?
Every week
Every month
Every 2-4 months
Every 5 months-year
Once a year or more
Shiny cases are?
Made for me
I like them
They're ok but not crazy about them
Uh no
{"name":"What Kind of Classy Phone Case are you?", "url":"","txt":"I love glitter!?, Multi-functionality for my ideal phone case is...?, How often do you drop your phone??","img":""}
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